Deborah Yaffe


Another Janeite dream job

By Deborah Yaffe, Mar 13 2014 01:00PM

Last year, I briefly indulged a Janeite fantasy as I imagined plunking down a cool million dollars to buy Cassandra’s Cup, the teashop located across the street from Jane Austen's House Museum, aka Chawton cottage.

Now comes news of a slightly more attainable Janeite dream job: unpaid weekend help at the cottage itself. Apparently, the museum has seen an uptick in tourist traffic with the arrival of Jane Austen’s newly purchased turquoise ring, not to mention last year’s celebration of the bicentenary of Pride and Prejudice, and assistance is called for.

Volunteers “do not need a comprehensive knowledge of Jane Austen and her work though an interest in the author is very valuable,” the newspaper announcement states.

I may qualify. Alas, however, I think the commute will be a deal-breaker.

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