Deborah Yaffe


Augmented Janeite reality

By Deborah Yaffe, Sep 26 2016 01:00PM

Tumblr is a social media platform that I simply do not understand, at least not yet.

Luckily, I have a teenage daughter. And she sends me links to hilarious tidbits like this one, posted last month by a denizen of Tumblr (Tumblret? Tumblron? Tumblrina?) who calls herself alriviera and blogs at “Obstinate Headstrong Girl.” (My kinda chick, obviously.) Here it is:

Pride and Prejudice Go

An app that shows you where there’s a young man in possession of a good fortune who must be in want of a wife

Now someone needs to create the YouTube video. I can see it now: Young women in Empire-line dresses flitting through stately homes and manicured gardens, their cellphones held aloft, squealing with excitement whenever they encounter young men in waistcoats. Get to work, Janeites.

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