Deborah Yaffe


Better late than never

By Deborah Yaffe, Jul 11 2017 03:22PM

Exciting news! A mere four years after publication, Among the Janeites has earned a review in the New York Times Book Review -- and by the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Jane Smiley, no less!

Smiley calls the book a "playful exploration of Austen obsession. . . . amusing and sometimes mind-boggling," with a "light but precise" tone. I'm not quite sure why the book caught the NYT's eye now and not back in 2013, but I'll take it. . .

Jul 17 2017 05:08PM by Kathleen

Recognition four years late, but still a great book. Congratulations!

Jul 17 2017 06:09PM by dyaffe

Thanks so much!

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