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P&P & Quilts

By Deborah Yaffe, Mar 24 2014 01:00PM

Visitors to Jane Austen’s House Museum, fondly known as Chawton Cottage, love to admire the patchwork quilt stitched by Austen, her mother, and her sister, Cassandra.

But their handiwork has nothing on this: the Jane Austen Quilt Collection, created by Australian quilter and quilting teacher Katrina Hadjimichael. Check out her six stunning appliqued quilts, each named for a location in Pride and Prejudice: Longbourn, Netherfield, Pemberley, Hunsford, Rosings and Meryton.

As with the Jane Austen knitting patterns, the connection between quilt pattern and Austen inspiration is somewhat obscure to the uninitiated, but no matter: I look at these beautiful objects and think only, "Wish I could do that. . ."

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