Deborah Yaffe


By Deborah Yaffe, Jun 12 2014 02:45PM

More fun with data! A bright young reporter decided to mine the little-known trove of info that is Amazon’s list of the passages most often highlighted in Kindle books.

Headline news is that reading Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy apparently stokes an irrepressible desire to highlight: nineteen of the top twenty-five passages, and thirty of the top one hundred, come from one of those books.

But Janeite news is that Pride and Prejudice holds its own, netting two of the top ten slots and five of the top one hundred. It’s twenty-third on the Most Highlighted Books list, and only six other books have more passages represented in the Top 100.*

And what are those five oft-underlined passages from P&P? Prepare to be a little bit surprised.

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