Deborah Yaffe


By Deborah Yaffe, Mar 10 2016 02:00PM

Emma marked its publication bicentennial in December, and celebrations are still underway across the Janeite world. I’m happy to announce my participation in one of those celebrations: tomorrow, the author and blogger Sarah Emsley will publish my contribution to her series of guest posts on the novel, “Emma in the Snow.”

Sarah’s bloggers -- novelists, academics, a gynecologist, a food stylist, an Episcopal priest -- are a fair sample of Janeite diversity, and they have covered a suitably diverse array of fascinating Emma-related topics, from strawberries and friendship to suburbia and gypsies. My post, the twenty-third in the series, discusses Emma as an “imaginist” – and, perhaps, as a writer manqué. Drop by and leave a comment!

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