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By Deborah Yaffe, Aug 4 2013 03:31PM

Salon is running an excerpt from Among the Janeites -- the chapter about the Jane Austen Society of North America's Annual General Meeting -- headlined "ComicCon for Jane Austen fans!"

FYI: Since it's the last chapter of the book, it contains some (mild) spoilers and many references to people who appear in earlier chapters, so if you're planning to read the whole book, you may want to check out the Salon contribution later.

By Deborah Yaffe, May 13 2013 01:00PM

How awesome is this? A sixteen-year-old girl in Mumbai, India, has founded the city’s first Jane Austen club. "I've been fascinated by Austen since the seventh grade,” Anvita Budhraja said.

The club launched with a Jane Austen birthday celebration last December; since then, moving with impressive speed, they’ve already held a panel on Austen’s contemporary relevance, a fan fiction contest, a discussion pegged to the two hundredth anniversary of Pride and Prejudice, and an outreach event for high school students. You can’t beat the energy level of teenage girls.

Budhraja isn’t the first person to find Austen relevant to contemporary India: we’ve had Bollywood updates of both Emma (“Aisha”) and P&P (“Bride and Prejudice”) and a Tamil film version of Sense and Sensibility (“Kandukondain Kandukondain,” known in English as “I Have Found It”).

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