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December (9)

Jane Austen's 2013

Happy holidays to me. . .

Christmas Anglophilia

Jane Austen movies: not the same as Jane Austen books

Happy 238th birthday

Another Janeite conversation

Janeite game-playing

Married to Mr. Darcy?

December events


November (10)

Giving thanks for Jane Austen

The dishes on Austen's table

Skin-deep Austen-love

Cool new web site: Book the Writer

Among the Janeites on TV

Hello, Houston!

Tiny Regency furniture

Gaming Jane Austen

Judging books by their covers

Picturing Austen


October (9)

Needling Jane

Dissed by the Austen Project

Among the Janeites roundup – international edition

Princeton, at last

Jane Austen, Jane Eyre. Whatever.

On stage in Philly

Approving of Emma Approved

Thanks, Ottawa!

Ottawa adventure


September (12)

Home again, and happy

Janeites in heaven

The Dress

Hey Jane

Jane Austen on the radio

Group read at Pemberley

Appearance tonight: Princeton Public Library

Letters about Jane

"Austenland”: Just plain bad

Aww. . .

Waiting for “Austenland”

Catfight on the moors?


August (21)

Sharpening my sword

Kids these days

Two more newspaper reviews

Janeite fantasy: Buy Cassandra’s Cup

Kirkus Reviews on Among the Janeites

Guest post at The Book Rat

Sanditon Summer: “Welcome to Sanditon”

Author Feast on Janeites

Among the Janeites in the press (online and off)

Regency fashion disasters: Newsday interview

The New York Times tests Janeite mettle

The Republic of Pemberley reads Among the Janeites

Among the Janeites in the Christian Science Monitor

Publication day – and publication-day publicity – for Among the Janeites

Among the Janeites on “The Brian Lehrer Show”

AustenBlog reviews Among the Janeites

Excerpt from Among the Janeites in Salon

Huffington Post on Among the Janeites

Austenprose loves Among the Janeites!

Among the Janeites at Roofbeam Reader

Champagne time


July (9)

Sanditon Summer: Jennifer Petkus

Sanditon Summer: Helen Marshall

Sanditon Summer: Anne Toledo

Sanditon Summer: Helen Baker

Sanditon Summer: Reginald Hill

Sanditon Summer: Donald Measham

Sanditon Summer: Juliette Shapiro

Sanditon Summer: Julia Barrett

Sanditon Summer: Rebecca Baldwin


June (8)

Sanditon Summer: Marie Dobbs

Sanditon Summer: Alice Cobbett

Sanditon Summer: Anna Austen Lefroy

Sanditon Summer

Minneapolis ahoy!

Germs and Jane

Jane Austen and homework

Beautiful Lizzy


May (9)

Back to Pemberley

Sex in Jane Austen

Jane Austen, by the book

Scones, redux

Welcome, Sanditon

Jane Austen in India

Can’t anyone kill this beast?

No scones here

Among the Janeites – available August 6


April (5)

Jane Austen – not a game theorist

Good news!

Bittersweet Sanditon

Friends don’t let friends miss out on Jane Austen

Austen and Boston


March (2)

The gratifications of delayed gratification

A little bit of pasteboard


February (1)

Anniversaries and explanations

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