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December (9)

Model city

On this day in 1798. .

Janeite dream job par excellence

Still missing

Sanditon farewell?

What would Jane Austen say?


Jane Austen's side hustle

Man and snowmen


November (8)

Family dinner

Sneak previews

Happy Christmas to all!

On this day in 1798. . .

Hands off!

Riding high

The sound of (Austen) music

Strange bedfellows


October (9)

Lydia the leopard


On this day in 1808. . .

Going, going. . .

Christmas mystery solved!

Second bananas

Liar, liar

Yet more on-screen Austen

Forty years and counting


September (9)

Keeping up with the Janeites

Janeite on the Potomac, Part II

A Jane Austen Christmas mystery

By the seaside

Pictures at an exhibition

Among the Janeites, via First Impressions

On this day in 1814. . .

Hunting for Easter eggs

A Janeite in STEM


August (10)

Free stuff!

Color-coordinated Austen

Seaside publicity

Janeite on the Potomac?


Austen's pewter

Popping the question

Water, water everywhere

Apologies to neglected commenters

Greatest Hits, Part II


July (9)

Greatest Hits, Part I

Still reading

Chawton cottage at seventy

Subcontinental Austen

On this day in 1816. . .

Beach reading

Oh, those clothes. . .

Free to be. . .

Too darn hot


June (8)

Fragments of news, news about fragments

A letter to Anna

On this day in 1808. . .


Travelin' on


Christmas at Pemberley?

Starring Mrs. Bennet


May (9)

Weird Austen

On this day in 1817. . .

Eye candy

Mistakes, misquotes, misunderstandings:

   The Austen Internet at work

Attic treasures

Busting Austen myths

Women in blue

Keeping up with the Jameses

Talking with Britain's most-photographed man


April (9)

Atlanta, here we come!

Jane the dragon?

Back in Winchester. . .

Julian Assange, Janeite?

Speedy delivery

On this day in 1805. . .

Jane Austen's first critic

Statues, statues everywhere

CliffsNotes for kiddies


March (8)

Promising news about Emma

On this day in 1817. . .

Jane Austen Purim

Eternally Mr. Darcy

Life imitates Northanger Abbey

Elizabeth Beeblebrox, anyone?

Getting it wrong

Another bicentenary girl


February (8)

Enough already


Sanditon's Sidney

What's your name again?

The dating game

Pop v. popular

Sanditon inches closer to the small screen

Jane Austen meets The Breakfast Club


January (9)

A house in Austen country

The mysterious Rice portrait, again

On this day in 1817. . .

Printer error

Family album

Penguin of destiny

A tourist in Bath

Kids in America

Party like it's 2019

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