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2022 Blog Archives


December (9)

Dinner time

Father knows best

High-camp Jane Austen

Boy meets pig

At your service

Treasures of the collection

CryptoJane, Part II


November (8)
Regency reality

Taking refuge in Austen

Not so timeless


Baby Dionne


On this day in 1813. . .


October (9)
Scary monsters

Read all about it

On this day in 1798. . . 
Drinking game


The pendulum swings

Expensive thrills

Ahead of his time

The Austen MBA

September (9)

Lucky thirteen


A milestone farewell

Reading Austen in high places

Broadening the collection
Jane Austen in love. . . maybe

Laying the table

Aging out

On this day in 1796. . .


August (9)

Diving deep

Jane Austen triage

Thin gruel

On this day in 1814. . .

Sale in Aisle A

Still talking

Family letters

A surfeit of sequels

As seen by AI


July (8)

In the stars

Cue the wine and cheese

Something to talk about

In praise of repression

On this day(ish) in 1814. . . 

Janeites in conversation

Damage control

The computer-generated Jane Austen


June (9)

Feeding the beast

That trailer

Regency striptease

She plays well at the palace

Putting down roots

Recommended reading

Bonnetfest closeup

On this day in 1811. . . 

In the air

May (9)

High stakes, low stakes


Many happy returns

Sticker shock

Love means never having to say you're sorry

On this day in 1801. . .

Back to the beach

While the bombs fall

Killing Mr. Darcy


April (8)

Under the floorboards

Adding to the list

On this day in 1805. . .

Jane Austen, elixir of youth?

One of Us

Revising the syllabus

A new Austen line

What lies beneath


March (9)

A newly planted Austen society

Beach trip

Love hurts

Sharing a cuppa


On this day in 1817. . . 

Eunice the menace

Of castles and chakras

February (8)

Janeite on a sled

Women's letters, women's lives

Courtin' time

On this day in 1813. . .

Persuasion, with soap

Sanditon, now with less sex

Break out the popcorn



January (9)

Jane all around

SandiCon no more

Pride and pentitentiary
A wet shirt and a centennial
With friends like these. . .
Pop quiz
Getting warmer
On this day in 1801. . . 


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