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Among the Janeites, via First Impressions

Writing is a solitary job, so it’s always satisfying to discover that someone out there has read – even liked! – your words. So imagine my delight when Kristin and Maggie, hosts of the First Impressions podcast (subtitle: “Why All the Austen Haters Are Wrong”), chose to feature my book Among the Janeites on their most recent episode.

The First Impressions team has been producing sixty- to ninety-minute podcasts roughly once or twice a month since December 2015, discussing Austen’s novels, filmed adaptations of her work, and other Austen-related matters. Their conversation about Among the Janeites and fan culture is thoughtful and thorough, and judging from the “Part 1” in the episode title, they may have even more to say. (So flattering. . .)

Apparently, the two hosts will be attending next month’s Jane Austen Society of North American Annual General Meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia, where I hope to meet – and thank – them in person. Meanwhile, check out their podcast. Because all the Austen haters really are wrong.

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