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German Janeites at play

Even if you don’t understand German – and I don’t – you may get a kick out of this YouTube video of a recent Austen-themed ball in the Bavarian town of Erlangen, in southern Germany.

I’m especially enthralled by the Regency hair-styling and makeup salon: now there’s an innovation that the next JASNA conference should embrace! The live period music sounds beautiful, and from what I could glimpse on the video, and in the photo accompanying this German-language account, some of the costumes were gorgeous.

"The atmosphere is so much nicer than at a modern ball. The women's dresses are so beautifully colorful,” the English-language version of the story quotes one ball-goer, identified as “Harald from Vienna,” as saying. “Nowadays women all wear black to balls. It's like at a funeral."

Actually, nowadays women don't attend too many balls. But I take his point.


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