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Group read at Pemberley

I'm very excited about the week-long Group Read of Among the Janeites, which starts this Sunday, September 15, at the Republic of Pemberley, the web's largest Jane Austen fan community. I stumbled upon the Janeites of Pemberley about eight years ago, and it was that encounter that eventually inspired me to write the book. I'll be answering questions (dodging brickbats?) during the Group Read.

A Group Read is nothing more complicated than an online book discussion, paced according to a preset schedule (the schedule for Among the Janeites can be found here). Anyone can participate; you don't have to sign up in advance, although once you comment, Pemberley will ask you to register the name you're using (and it has to be some version of your real name -- this is one of the site's few hard-and-fast rules, and it's a good one, tending to promote a civility and kindness that are all too rare in cyberspace).

Please drop by and chime in!

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