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Guess who?

The good people who, despite all my entreaties to the Gods of Cinema, are bringing us the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies have now graced us with the first trailer. Two people in my family have watched it. Review #1: “Hmm. No sign here that it’s going to be anything but a two-hour-long version of the same joke, over and over again. No trace of witty dialogue, clever plotting or psychologically astute character development. No trace of Jane Austen, in other words. Just another cynical attempt to exploit her popularity without truly understanding what makes her great.” Review #2: “It’s good-looking chicks in Regency dresses kicking ass. What’s not to like?” One of these reviews is by the mature, sophisticated author of a book on Jane Austen fandom. The other is by a person who, roughly thirty-five years ago, was a twelve-year-old boy. I leave it to you to match review and reviewer.


Oct 15 2015 06:22PM by Monica Descalzi

Perhaps JA's Plan of a Novel should be updated to include zombies and vampires :)

Oct 15 2015 06:09PM by Deborah Yaffe

Ha! Brilliant idea. She certainly would have included them had she been writing "Plan of a Novel" today.

Oct 18 2015 10:41PM by A. Marie

IMHO, many women and almost all men are still 12 years old at heart. Me, I was born about 60, so it's actually been something of a relief to reach my present age. (Translation in present context: I wouldn't go to see P&P&Z if you paid me.)

Oct 19 2015 01:46AM by Deborah Yaffe

LOL. I will go see it, just because I'm a JA completist, but my hopes are not high. . .

Oct 27 2015 06:24PM by Libby

Oh my, he actually says "chicks"?

Oct 27 2015 06:27PM by Deborah Yaffe

Entirely ironically, of course.


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