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It's that time of year again

New Year’s Resolutions for Janeites 1. Adopt Mr. Woodhouse’s macrobiotic/vegan diet. “The wedding-cake. . .had been a great distress to him. . . . His own stomach could bear nothing rich.” 2. Join Elizabeth Bennet’s gym. “She has nothing, in short, to recommend her, but being an excellent walker.” 3. Follow Lady Bertram’s sleep schedule. “Sunk back in one corner of the sofa. . . just falling into a gentle doze. . .” 4. Use Sir Walter Elliot’s budgeting software. “They must retrench; that did not admit of a doubt.” 5. Undertake Marianne Dashwood’s stress-management program. “I have laid down my plan, and if I am capable of adhering to it, my feelings shall be governed and my temper improved.” 6. Tackle Catherine Morland’s TBR pile. “Are they all horrid, are you sure they are all horrid?” 7. Embrace Lady Susan Vernon’s approach to me-time. “I am tired of submitting my will to the caprices of others.”


Jan 2 2014 09:09PM by A. Marie

I admire all of these resolutions except #4, since I think it's arguable that Sir Walter's budgeting software is a bit buggy. I think I'd go with the Anne Elliot/Lady Russell 2.0 version, myself.

Jan 2 2014 09:38PM by Deborah Yaffe

LOL. You make a good point! I think, though, that Sir Walter ends up going with the Shepherd Data Systems version, which does seem to work out well enough -- though it's true that JA never tells us how far the retrenchment succeeds. . .

Jan 3 2014 04:13PM by Deb

Excellent resolutions, especially the pile of "horrids"!


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