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Janeite game-playing

Jane Austen games are breaking out all over. The creators of Ever, Jane, a new massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in Austen’s world, just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign. A mother-daughter team in Utah is still raising money for a board game disarmingly titled The Jane Game. And now comes news of a new iPhone app, Regency Love, with some kind of Austen-y vibe.

I have only the vaguest idea what the app actually does – something about storytelling? With mention of dancing and embroidery and dashing companions? -- but the stills featured on the web site of its creators, Tea For Three Studios, are appealing and painterly. And it’s being issued next Monday, December 16, which confers Janeite street cred.

As the last person in the western hemisphere without a smartphone, I will have to sit out this dance, but if you try out the app, do let me know what you think.


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