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Skin-deep Austen-love

The Janeite Meme of the Week title goes to these elegant and hilarious Jane Austen temporary tattoos – so popular, it appears, that they’ve temporarily sold out. No wonder: who could resist a “Captain Wentworth” anchor tattoo for the bicep, or a lower back tattoo reading “Imprudent”?

(Though, of course, those of you who have checked out the non-temporary Janeite tattoos of Alethea White-Previs – see her lower back tattoo on the Among the Janeites Facebook page, under Photos or in the September 6 post – will know that the rest of us are mere amateurs by comparison.)

Meanwhile, I’m intrigued that this same retailer is selling – next to the Jane Austen air freshener and Jane Austen bandages – an apparently brand new version of the revered Jane Austen Action Figure. I was under the impression that this beloved talisman had been discontinued, but if so, she’s ba-a-a-ck, with new packaging and – gasp! – a pink spencer replacing the original green.

Is it necessary to own one in each color? I fear it may be. . .


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