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Among the Janeites was published on August 6, 2013.


Interviews and guest posts

Excerpts, adaptations and assorted mentions




--In the New York Times Book Review, Jane Smiley calls Among the Janeites  a "playful exploration of Austen obsession. . . . amusing and sometimes mind-boggling," with a "light but precise" tone.


--Publishers Weekly calls Among the Janeites "a lively and insightful celebration of big-tent Austen fandom."

--Kirkus Reviews calls Deborah Yaffe "a smart reader and a shrewd but sympathetic judge of character."

--HuffPost includes Among the Janeites on its list of "10 Essential Reads for Janeites," calling it "a fun, and at times touching, chronicle of a vibrant literary community."

--The Daily Beast describes Among the Janeites as "compulsively readable."

--O, the Oprah Magazine finds Among the Janeites "witty."

[August 2013 issue, p. 30 --  not available online]

--Bust Magazine calls the book "fun and quirky."

[October/November 2013 issue -- not available on line.]

--The Yale Alumni Magazine describes the book as "highly readable."

--The New York Post includes Among the Janeites in its "Required Reading" column.​

--The Boston Globe finds Among the Janeites "amusing."

--The Tampa Bay Times calls the book "fascinating."

--Jane Austen's Regency World calls the book "an irresistible read" that "informs, intrigues -- and makes you laugh out loud, quite a lot."

[September/October 2013 issue, pp. 58-59 -- not available online]

--Amazon Vine reviewers praise Among the Janeites:

--"A delight from beginning to end." (L.M. Young)

--"A treasure chest of fun." (Jaylia3)

--"If you read no other collateral Jane Austen literature this year, then let it be this book." (Robert J. Newell)


--Austenprose gives Among the Janeites "6 out of 5 Regency stars," describing the book as "a delightfully perceptive and entertaining romp."


--AustenBlog describes Among the Janeites as "the most thoroughly enjoyable Austen-related book we’ve read in some time."

--Modern Mrs. Darcy calls Among the Janeites "insightful, entertaining, and surprisingly humorous. . . . recommended reading for Janeites everywhere."


--Shelf Awareness calls Among the Janeites "witty, informative, clever and warmhearted."


--PopMatters finds Among the Janeites "delightful." 


--Paul R. Waibel finds the book "delightful."


--The Book Rat says Among the Janeites "deserves a spot in your Janeite collection."


--Jane Austen Reviews finds the book "an illuminating picture of the current state of Austen fandom."

--In the Direction of Our Dreams thought the book was "a hoot."


--Jane Austen Reviews finds Among the Janeites "easy to read and fun."


--Austen in Boston calls the book "a quick and delightful trip."


--The blog of the Central New Jersey Region of the Jane Austen Society of North America gives Among the Janeites "5 of 5 stars."

--On her blog, Sarah Emsley describes the "wit, humour and respect" she finds in the pages of Among the Janeites.


--Former Orlando Sentinel book critic Nancy Pate blogs that she was "entertained" by Among the Janeites.


--Beth Fish Reads lists the book among "Three Great Reads for Jane Austen Fans."


--Any Good Books/Mixed Reviews enjoys "the many pleasurable details of Yaffe's journalistic adventure."


--Book reviewer Melissa Palmer calls Among the Janeites "a must-read. . .for any true Austen fan."


--On her blog TBR 313, Houston-area Janeite Lisa May calls Among the Janeites "interesting and entertaining."


--Scandalous Women calls the book "lovely. . . a love letter to Jane Austen."


--The Literary Omnivore finds "a lot to learn and a lot to be charmed at" in the pages of Among the Janeites.


--Diary of an Eccentric gives Among the Janeites five stars, calling it "difficult to put down" and "a perfect gift for the Janeite in your life."


--Shelf Love says the book "makes me wish I could go to a JASNA meeting."


--"This book gave me great joy," says Living Read Girl.


--BookNAround calls Among the Janeites "a fun and entertaining insider's view."


--So Obsessed With calls the book "really interesting. . . . such a fun read!"


--The UBS Otago Review of Books finds Among the Janeites "witty, wryly affectionate. . . interesting and just great fun."


--The Ladies Finger! finds Among the Janeites "lively" and "delightful."


--Esther's Narrative praises the book for "a great balance of humor and affection."


--Degrees of Affection says Among the Janeites "has shot to near the top of my all time favorite books."


--Murder By Death calls the book "an excellent read."


--Staff of the Provo (UT) City Library call Among the Janeites "entertaining and yet thought-provoking."


--The blog of the Jane Austen Society of Brazil finds the book "quite interesting."


--Book Trib calls Among the Janeites, and other memoirs of bookish lives, "delightful."


--A Living Pencil calls Among the Janeites "an entertaining read."


--Jenessa of Thoughts from Nowhere says Among the Janeites is "a great read" that "shows how universal Jane Austen can be."


--On her blog, Dori-Ann Granger says the book is "an enjoyable and fair look at the various aspect of a fandom."


--Girl With Her Head in a Book says Among the Janeites is "a very warm and upbeat exploration of all the many, many different ways in which people have expressed their love for all things Austen."

--Black Girl Loves Jane calls the book "fascinating."


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Interviews and guest posts

--On the New York Times Book Review's podcast, Deborah Yaffe talks about the bicentennial of Jane Austen's death and the history of Austen fandom.

--Deborah Yaffe discusses the book on "The Brian Lehrer Show" on WNYC, New York's NPR station.

--Deborah Yaffe joins a conversation about the two hundredth anniversary of Pride and Prejudice, on "Radio Times," aired on WHYY, Philadelphia's NPR station.

--Newsday interviews Deborah Yaffe about Janeites, Austen-love and Regency fashion disasters.

--The Hairpin talks to Deborah Yaffe about the Janeites she profiled.

--The Dish excerpts The Hairpin's Q&A with Deborah Yaffe.

--On her book blog, Deborah Kalb talks to Deborah Yaffe about the writing of Among the Janeites.

--My Jane Austen Book Club talks Jane Austen with Deborah Yaffe.

--Sarah Emsley and Deborah Yaffe talk about continuations of Jane Austen's novel fragment The Watsons.


--Deborah Yaffe writes about the wide range of Janeite sensibilities, for Roof Beam Reader's "Austen in August" event.


--At HuffPost, Deborah Yaffe details "10 Signs of Jane Austen Addiction."


--At Austenprose, Deborah Yaffe talks about how she came to write Among the Janeites.


--The Book Rat features a guest post by Deborah Yaffe on Mansfield Park and orchestrates Janeite conversations (here, here, here, here and here) in which Deborah Yaffe participates.


--Whoopsy Daisy, a forum for French fans of English literature, has an ongoing discussion thread (in French) on Among the Janeites and ran a Q&A (in English) with Deborah Yaffe here (scroll down).


--At HuffPost, Deborah Yaffe critiques Joanna Trollope's Sense and Sensibility update.

--In First Things, Deborah Yaffe writes about Jane Austen's novella Lady Susan and Whit Stillman's novel and film based on it.

--In the Wall Street Journal, Deborah Yaffe talks about responses to the Netflix adaptation of Persuasion.

--On Connecticut Public Radio's Colin McEnroe Show, Deborah Yaffe joins a conversation about Jane Austen's enduring appeal.


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Excerpts, adaptations and assorted mentions

--Salon runs a chapter from Among the Janeites, headlined "ComicCon for Jane Austen fans!"

--NJ Spotlight includes an excerpt from Among the Janeites in its "Summer Reading" series.

--The newsletter of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England, includes the excerpt from NJ Spotlight.

--"The Author's Corner on Public Radio" includes two segments featuring Deborah Yaffe reading from Among the Janeites.

--The Christian Science Monitor posts a slideshow featuring some of the people whose stories are told in the book.

--The Los Angeles Review of Books discusses Among the Janeites and the movie "Austenland."

--The Book Riot talks about Among the Janeites in its podcast (roughly 8:19-11:30).


--The New York Times mentions Among the Janeites in a roundup of recent Austen news and tests Janeite expertise with a trivia quiz that includes some questions set by Deborah Yaffe.

--BuzzFeed puts Among the Janeites on its list of "47 Incredibly Unique Books to Buy Everyone on Your List."

--Quirk Books includes Among the Janeites on a list of "Ten Books Inspired by Jane Austen," calling it "a touching tribute to how we express our Austen love."

--El País, the international Spanish-language daily, includes Among the Janeites in a roundup of Austen-related books.


--In a column about the lost art of letter-writing, in the Orange County Register, an old friend and former colleague of Deborah Yaffe's mentions Among the Janeites. (Subscription required to read in full.)


--ABC's "Nightline" quotes Deborah Yaffe in a segment about Austen fandom.


--USA Today quotes Deborah Yaffe in a story on the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.


--The New York Times quotes Deborah Yaffe in a story on the latest Pride and Prejudice update.

--The Clarion-Ledger previews Deborah Yaffe's talk to the Mississippi chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America.

--The University of Minnesota's student newspaper, the Minnesota Daily, previews Deborah Yaffe's campus appearance.


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