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Among the Janeites in "The Author's Corner"

Exciting news: Among the Janeites is included this week on “The Author’s Corner on Public Radio,” which provides public radio affiliates around the country with a brief segment featuring authors reading from their books. Last month, I recorded an eighty-second snippet from ATJ -- less than a page of printed text -- and it’s now available online for downloading (by station managers) or listening (by anyone at all). After this week, the segment will remain available on the “Author’s Corner” site, but it will move to the last page of their listings. Meanwhile, it could be picked up by anyone (or no one!) and could run at any time, so do let me know if you happen to hear it.


Oct 2 2014 06:24PM by Debby Trissel

So, Deborah, I have tried and tried to hear you read for "Author's Corner" and I can't get it to work. I'm afraid that technology has passed me by. Disappointing. You must be applauded that you have figured out how to do a blog. I'm impressed. Hope you and yours are well, thriving even. Carry on. What are you writing at the moment (other than the blog)? Greetings from Denver. Come again, please. Do.

Oct 2 2014 07:31PM by Deborah Yaffe

Hi, Debby -- I don't think the problem is you: others have told me they can't get the link to play (but still others have been able to get it to work). I suspect it may be a problem with certain web browsers -- you might want to try it on a different browser, or email the Author's Corner folks and complain.

Oct 21 2014 01:53AM by Peter

Hi Deborah -- You had an encore reading recently, FYI. Here are your two links. The pages are very information-rich. Folks should please let the page load for a full minute! This is the best site we can afford under-resourced currently. -Peter

Oct 21 2014 12:04PM by Deborah Yaffe

Thanks, Peter! The links are also on my "Press" page. I appreciate your interest in the book.


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