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Among the Janeites in the press (online and off)

A few more mentions of the book yesterday and today:

--The Daily Beast, in a long and detailed review, calls Among the Janeites "compulsively readable." (And the other book reviewed in the same piece, Roy and Lesley Adkins' Jane Austen's England, sounds very interesting, too.)

--The Dish excerpts last week's Q&A with me in The Hairpin. (Read the whole thing here.)

--The New York Post includes the book in its "Required Reading" column.

--The book blog Effusions of Wit and Humour has posted an insightful review of Among the Janeites. When someone applies Austen's own "light and bright and sparkling" tag to my book, I'm a happy woman. (Update: the same review was later posted on PopMatters.)

--The Miami Herald mentions Among the Janeites in a story about Austen's enduring appeal.

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