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Announcing blog archives

The website platform I use here, Moonfruit, has many excellent qualities -- primarily, its ease of use for the technically non-adept, such as myself. But it also has some drawbacks, especially as a blogging platform. Top of the list: no automatically generated blog archives.

After eighteen months of complaining about this problem in hopes of persuading Moonfruit to solve it, I've given up on them and taken matters into my own hands. Et voilà: manually constructed blog archives. Call them handmade. Artisanal, even.

Inevitably, these aren't quite as easy to use as an auto-generated archive probably would be. I haven't figured out how to give you access to an entire month's posts with a single click, for instance. In fact, from the archives list, you can only access one old post at a time: no browsing to the surrounding posts without returning to the full list first. Sorry about that.

But this should make for easier browsing than reeling back through dozens of pages of older posts to get to the one you want. Let me know if you find any problematic links or other issues, and I'll do my best to fix.


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