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Another Jane Austen movie?

Today's quiz question:

Which Jane Austen novel does this plot summary suggest?

“Ella is touring Italy with her boyfriend, unaware that her entire family has been murdered, that her father's business dealings are questionable, and that someone is about to attempt to kill her. Lucas is a retired hitman, keeping an eye on Ella as a favor for her father. He saves Ella from her would-be killers, but a complex dance ensues, with Ella determined on revenge and Lucas equally determined to leave that life behind, to reconnect with his former girlfriend and the daughter he's never known.”

Is the answer. . .

A. Pride and Prejudice

B. Persuasion

C. Mansfield Park

If you answered “B – Persuasion”. . . bing bing bing bing bing! You’re our Jane Austen expert of the day!

Or else you’re the perfect person to help script an upcoming Sam Worthington action movie called Hunter’s Prayer, which claims to be “inspired” by both The Nibelungenlied and Persuasion.

Yeah. I don’t get it either. (Is it the "reconnect with his former girlfriend" part? But I don't remember a daughter. . .)

Parody? Desperate attempt to get us girls to buy tickets to a boy movie? Shameless cashing in on the Austen brand? (Never seen that before. . ) Shooting starts next year, so I guess we’ll know pretty soon.

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