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Austen stories on stage

Listening to a really good actor read aloud from a really good book is one of life’s great pleasures, not to mention my go-to strategy for surviving long, boring car rides. So imagine my excitement when I learned that a troupe specializing in actorly read-alouds will include an excerpt from my book Among the Janeites: A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fandom in an Austen-related program this coming Sunday in Denver.

Welcome to Austenland, presented by Stories on Stage at Su Teatro Cultural & Performing Arts Center, will feature readings from three works: Among the Janeites; an obscure little novel called Emma; and “What Would Austen Do?” by the mother-daughter team of Jane Rubino and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway, one of the funniest stories in Laurel Ann Nattress’ Jane Austen Made Me Do It collection.

If I still lived in Colorado, I would totally be there, even if my book weren’t on the program. Alas, work and family obligations will prevent me from attending, but if any of you go, please post a review here.

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