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Awesome mom, possibly a Janeite

Most of us moms are muddling along, trying to make sure the kids eat something besides cold cereal, wear clothing that is reasonably clean, and make it to the corner in time to catch the school bus. And then moms like this one come along and raise the bar. So how cool is this? Anonymom – at least, I can’t find her name on her blog – decided to use photography, dress-up, books, crafts, cooking and field trips to teach her preschool kids about amazing women of the past. So far, she’s done the artist Frida Kahlo, the journalist Nellie Bly, the aviator Amelia Earhart, the Rockford Peaches women’s baseball team and. . .yes, you guessed it. . . Jane Austen. There’s really nothing cuter than a four-year-old girl all dressed up to match the controversial Rice portrait that may or may not be of Austen. Or a little boy flexing a baby bicep imprinted with an Austen temporary tattoo (“Imprudent”). They read “The Beautifull Cassandra” and the Marvel Comics versions of Austen’s novels, visited a local tea house, cut out Elizabeth-and-Darcy silhouette cookies, and threw their own family tea party, complete with china plates and oh-so-proper gloves for the baby. “It’s kind of amazing how a little nice china and beautiful plating and food can bring out the civility in your kids at the dinner table,” writes Anonymom. At the party, she ended up serving hot dogs, instead of the planned tea sandwiches, and she beats herself up a little bit over that. But, hey, we’ve all been there – except that most of us didn’t manage the tea, the cookies, the china, and the gloves.


Oct 1 2015 04:13PM by Jill Z

Thanks for the write up! And yes, I would consider myself a Janeite! :)

Oct 1 2015 04:17PM by Deborah Yaffe

You're very welcome! Glad that you're starting 'em young. . .

Oct 1 2015 06:31PM by Rege C Morrissey Jr

That is my niece Jill Z, and I just wanted to say that I am very proud her for all of her accomplishments, and the way she is raising her children, they are the best!!, we live in different states so I don't get to see them much, the last time was in May and it was a great visit. She really has a great family and I know some day she and her husband Ethan will be rewarded for all their hard work and all the extra time and projects they do for their children. And I just wanted to thank you for acknowledging her hard work in your Blog. Thanks again Rege

Oct 1 2015 09:16PM by Deborah Yaffe



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