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Even sandier

Sanditon, the much-hyped TV adaptation of the novel Jane Austen left unfinished at her death, is probably not getting a second season, but the enthusiasm of its uber-fans, the #SanditonSisterhood, is the gift that keeps on giving.

Last month, as you’ll recall, the Sidney-and-Charlotte brigade commissioned a sand artist to create a huge mural of Sanditon’s young lovers on the beach near Bristol, where the currently canceled show was filmed. The fans hoped to bring IRL attention to their online campaign, which aims at persuading a broadcaster to finance more episodes. (More than 72,000 people have signed a petition deploring the series’ unhappy, cliffhanger ending.)

But here’s the thing about sand art: Much like the affections of TV audiences, it does not long endure. And before artist Simon Beck could finish his work, the tide rolled in and swept it all away – bonneted Charlotte, top-hat-wearing Sidney, and “Who Will #SaveSanditon?” caption.

Beck, however, is a man of his word, and so days later he returned to the beach to finish filling in the outlines of his abortive Sidney Parker. Admittedly, the figure bears only a slight resemblance to the dishy Theo James, who played Sidney in the series, but sand may not lend itself to photorealism.

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