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Free stuff!

The only thing better than a book is a free book. And perhaps the only thing better than a free book is a free book with a Jane Austen connection.

Accordingly, I’m happy to pass along a link to The Book Rat, which is giving away a slew of Austenesque books and gewgaws to mark the blog’s tenth annual celebration of Austen in August. (That really ought to be a national holiday, don’t you think?)

I will admit to a teensy smidgen of self-interest here, since my book Among the Janeites is included in the fourth of these prize packages. The four packages comprise literally dozens of books, electronic or physical -- mostly Jane Austen fanfic but with a sprinkling of Austen-related non-fiction. Each package also includes one or two other Austen-themed items – bookmarks, a necklace, etc.

All it takes to enter is a bit of typing and clicking, and if you join the social media following of one or more of the featured authors (ahem!), you get some extra virtual raffle tickets. Entries close on September 5.


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