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Happy birthday to Emma

This Wednesday – the bicentennial of the publication of Emma – also marks the kickoff of “Emma in the Snow,” a blog series hosted by scholar, writer and blogger Sarah Emsley. Sarah has invited thirty-two Janeites to contribute guest posts on passages in the novel. (My contribution will probably run in March.)

If you’re too impatient to wait until Wednesday, Deborah Barnum, a bookseller who heads the Vermont chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America, has provided a delightful appetizer to the banquet: an entertaining and thorough post on Emma’s publication history.

Judging by the success of “An Invitation to Mansfield Park,” the seven-month blog series Sarah hosted to mark MP’s 2014 bicentennial, “Emma in the Snow” will be a treat for Janeites. Austen is so complicated, multifaceted and slippery that every rereading reveals something new. It’s always fascinating, if sometimes confounding, to hear about other readers’ insights.

So even if you’re still waiting for the season’s first snowfall, be sure to drop by Sarah’s blog this week for the launch of “Emma in the Snow.”


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