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In the 'hood

The last of the Thanksgiving leftovers have been consumed. Wreaths and tinsel are filling the stores. It must be time to shop for holiday gifts – which, for Janeites, means discovering yet more weird Jane Austen stuff finding its way into the world.

For instance: a pullover hoodie made of sustainable polyester and printed to look like a high-waisted, lace-trimmed Regency day dress. With a hood.*

The Hoodie Custom Jane Austen Apparel – also available in sweatshirt, T-shirt, or zippered versions, at prices ranging from $30 to $58 --- is one of more than two hundred items in the Historical Costumes Collection of Gearhumans, a made-to-order streetwear company

Indeed, there’s material here for an entire Regency-themed cosplay event: the Napoleon Bonaparte hoodie, the Horatio Nelson hoodie, the Royal Navy Captain and Midshipman 1806 hoodies, the Arthur Wellesley hoodie, and, of course, the French Light Cavalry Custom Sweatpants.

Break out the mince pies and hot cider! Christmas is almost here.

* Thanks to Devoney Looser's Facebook posts for bringing this listing to my attention.


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