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It's probably better in the original

The other day, I ran across a nice review of Among the Janeites on a Spanish (as in, from Spain) web site, Letras con la sopa. At least, I think it’s a nice review – my Spanish comes mostly by way of high school French and college Italian, so I used the “Translate with Bing” function on my Internet Explorer browser to learn more.

Hilarity ensued.

Apparently, the reviewer enjoyed my “tone informal, almost doting and eloquently of who is drinking a coffee with a couple of friends.” She liked reading about "the passion and eccentricity of fans carrying, with pride and elegance, end caps and gowns of imperial court."

After my trip to England, “Yaffe never lost the North,” the reviewer allegedly opines. (Huh?) The book, she concludes, is “A must for fans of Jane. For others, a very effective remedy against the have.”

(Actually, that last one I deciphered on my own. She says the book is “a very effective remedy against insomnia” for non-Janeites, which seems a bit harsh – in any language.)

The headline on this review? Appropriately enough, it's "Lost in translation."


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