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Jane Austen, now with tabs

Given the ubiquity of Austen-inspired items, from tattoos to mouse pads, it’s no surprise that she’s conquered the world of paper dolls, too. In the past eighteen years, at least two artists have produced Austen-themed paper doll collections, one including many of the major characters from Pride and Prejudice, and one featuring two Austenian couples: Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, and Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars.

But now Austen herself has been immortalized in cutout-and-tab form, along with fifteen other famous authors, from Shakespeare to Truman Capote. Unfortunately, the web site advertising the new product, Literary Paper Dolls, doesn’t provide a full view of the Austen page, but as far as I can see it appears to include a ballgown, a triple-decker edition of Pride and Prejudice, and a lap desk with quill pen.

Time to get out the scissors and give your Jane Austen Action Figure a little friend to play with. . .


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