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Jane-o'-lantern time

Devoted readers of Among the Janeites may recall that, even as a child, I was not much of a Halloween person. Dressing up: not my thing.

But I would by no means suspend any pleasure of yours, and in that vein I was delighted to stumble across the fabulous Take Back Halloween web site, dedicated to giving girls and women holiday costuming choices that do not all begin with the word “Sexy.”

The site offers practical advice for putting together costumes representing everyone from Sojourner Truth to the goddess Athena. Imagine my joy when, right there in the “Notable Women” section, sandwiched between the pagan philosopher Hypatia and the inspiring military commander Joan of Arc, I found – well, you know who.

The site offers serviceable advice on Empire-waist gowns, caps, bonnets, slippers and jewelry – not enough detail for a fanatical re-enactor or a Baronda Bradley, but good enough for Saturday’s neighborhood Halloween party. Perhaps the winner of this year’s Take Back Halloween costume contest will be an avatar of Our Jane.

Good luck and happy trick-or-treating! Save me a Snickers.


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