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Last month, I had occasion to call myself “a pedantic Janeite killjoy.” (And not for the first time, as I was reminded in the comments below.) Needless to say, I wear this badge proudly--albeit metaphorically, since there is no actual pedantic Janeite killjoy badge.


There is, however, a T-shirt.


In an exciting first for my blog, loyal reader Tram Chamberlain, a Nebraska Janeite, has created a genuine piece of blog-derived merch. Tram was kind enough to send me an example thereof, and as you can see, it’s delightful:


Tram created the design using this Etsy clipart, to which (with the seller's permission) she added the glasses and the caption.

I can already anticipate your next question: Does she take orders? I can't say; you'll have to ask Tram. This blog derives no financial benefit from her merch sales--just the satisfaction of knowing that we pedantic Janeite killjoys now have an official uniform.


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Tram Chamberlain
Tram Chamberlain
Jul 09

hello, this is tram. i first got the idea of creating a shirt from this post and a commenter:

it was meant just for myself, but then i thought the phrase's originator should get some enjoyment out of it as well. that really was as far as i was planning. if there is enough demand, and if i can overcome my laziness, i will let deborah know when i have posted the design on a storefront (like zazzle) for other pedants to proudly identify themselves. meanwhile, you can, like me, enjoy and agree with the pedantic janeite killjoy posts on this blog 👍


Jul 08

I must, MUST have one of those T-shirts! Please email me with Tram's contact info.

(Or is there any chance at all that she'll have a table in the Cleveland AGM Emporium? I'll be in Cleveland--my first AGM in 8 long, long years!)

Deborah Yaffe
Deborah Yaffe
Jul 08
Replying to

I'll ask if Tram's OK with my sending her info along--though if you're reading this, Tram, feel free to speak up!

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