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More Austen for the quarantined

Just in case last Friday’s live-on-tape streaming version of a Pride and Prejudice musical hasn’t slaked your thirst for Austen adaptations, our friends across the (northern) border are offering another: One Man Pride and Prejudice, a theatrical performance that is, apparently, pretty much what it says in the title.

The man in question, actor Charles Stuart Ross, seems to specialize in one-man versions of pop culture classics: he’s done the One Man Star Wars, the One Man Lord of the Rings, the One Man Harry Potter. . . you get the idea. His Austen will stream on Facebook Live on Saturday night at 7 pm (Pacific).

According to Ross’ social media, his performance is part of #CanadaPerforms, an initiative by Facebook Canada and Canada’s National Arts Centre designed to keep artists afloat during the coronavirus shutdown of performance spaces. The $700,000 fund pays professional artists $1,000 for a performance live-streamed through the NAC Facebook page.

I can’t find Ross’ show listed on the #CanadaPerforms website, however, and his performance is live-streaming through his own Facebook page, rather than the NAC’s, so I suspect he may be an unofficial participant. Nevertheless, it sounds like a diverting way to spend a quarantined Saturday night.

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