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Pemberley survives, for now


After a near-death experience earlier this summer, the beloved Republic of Pemberley, the largest online Jane Austen fan site, has raised enough money to keep going for at least one more year, site manager Myretta Robens announced on Tuesday.

Apparently, enough people who value this haven of literate civility ponied up enough dough to close a looming $2,000 budget gap. This time. But it’s hard to ignore the niggling fear that Pemberley’s brushes with death could become an annual occurrence unless the site acquires a larger financial cushion.

Which is my way of gently nudging any Pemberley fans who haven’t yet donated to give whatever they can. As someone noted during the recent cliffhanger of a fundraiser, it’s a bit like public television: if we care about it, we need to support it. Maybe it’s time for Pemberley to start giving away mugs and umbrellas.

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