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Quenching that insatiable desire

Sometimes a headline seems to speak directly to you, as if written not by an anonymous stranger but by a friend with intimate knowledge of your every thought and desire. Like a headline that reads, “Got an insatiable desire to read Jane Austen every day?”

Thus did the Los Angeles Times announce the release (nearly two weeks after the fact, but who’s counting) of the Jane Austen Quote of the Day app, a free download that delivers daily nuggets of Austenian wisdom to your Apple or Android smartphone, at whatever time you prefer.

The app is the creation of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England, and it includes some extra goodies, among them news and articles from the Centre and its magazine and “access to the Online Giftshop.” The Jane Austen Centre did not get to be a leading Austen tourist destination through a lack of marketing savvy.

As regular blog readers may remember, I remain the last person on the eastern seaboard without a smartphone – am I perhaps in want of a smartphone? – so I will have to find low-tech ways to get a daily Austen fix. (Books, maybe?) But you digitally savvy kids have fun with your app.

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