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The Republic of Pemberley reads Among the Janeites

I'm very excited to report that the Republic of Pemberley, the largest on-line Jane Austen fan community, has scheduled a Group Read of Among the Janeites for September 15-21. (A Group Read is an organized on-line discussion of a book -- details about how it works, as well as a discussion schedule, can be found here.)

This event will be an especially big thrill for me because it was my experiences at the RoP that first got me thinking about Janeite community and, eventually, about writing a book like Among the Janeites. My first-ever post on Pemberley, back in October 2005, was during a Group Read of Persuasion, so I guess these past eight years have brought me full circle.

Please plan on dropping in at the Group Read -- I'll be participating in the conversation throughout the week, and I'm looking forward to discussing the Janeite phenomenon with other Janeites.

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