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Undead at last

The time for silver-bullet and stake-through-the-heart jokes is officially over. The movie version of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies has not only wrapped up filming; it’s also been anointed one of “The 100 Most Anticipated Films of 2015.” Clocking in at #100, admittedly, but with Star Wars, Mad Max, and Martin Scorsese clogging the top of the list, it’s not a bad showing. (And in case you were wondering: about six hundred movies are released every year – check out p. 22 of this report for details – so making it into the top one hundred is reasonably impressive.) Not all of us consider the completion of the long-delayed P&P&Z film to be good news. I, for instance, have been unenthusiastic about this project since the get-go. Which will of course not prevent me from buying a ticket and even acquiring the DVD. The only thing more unstoppable than a slavering zombie is a Jane Austen video completist.


Jan 9 2015 09:51PM by A. Marie

Argh. Was following link to the earlier post through today's Twitter comments by various worthies. Well, I for one will resist seeing the wretched thing. Let's vote with our wallets.

Jan 10 2015 12:24AM by Deborah Yaffe

Alas, I'm incapable of such principled resistance: if it says "Jane Austen" on it, I am compelled to see it. . .


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