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What the--?

By now, it’s hardly a shock that other people see things in Jane Austen that I just can’t find there. Heck, I wrote a whole book about such people. Nevertheless -- there are days when my mouth still drops open. Like, for instance, the day on which my Google alert sent me to an Etsy site listing this “Jane Austen Inspired Doll Diorama.” Go ahead – you look. Now explain it to me. I guess the front door is supposed to recall a Georgian house, and perhaps the interior, with its pigeonholed letters and its silhouettes, is meant to recall moments in Austen novels or movie adaptations. But ultimately I just don’t understand how a female doll wearing a knee-length skirt with peplum jumper, red-streaked hair and – are those combat boots? – could be Jane Austen-inspired. Someone (else) should write a book. . .


Jul 25 2016 10:49PM by A. Marie

OK, I took the bait. The *only* explanation I can offer is that perhaps it's the wagon for the gypsies in Emma, and that's a gypsy girl in front. Otherwise, I'm clueless (pun 100% intended). But may I hope that wading through these various mysteries (to describe them as kindly as I can) has not left you too depleted to attend the DC AGM?

Jul 26 2016 08:39PM by Deborah Yaffe

Ha! I like the gypsy theory -- that one hadn't occurred to me. Although I still wonder about the combat boots. . . And I will definitely be at the DC AGM -- I managed to sign up during the 10-minute interval before it filled up, so I'll hope to see you there!


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