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Baby Dionne

Last year, Alicia Silverstone got on TikTok and promptly started turning out Clueless-themed videos featuring her ten-year-old son. Now it appears that she isn’t the only star of Amy Heckerling’s immortal 1995 Emma update to induct their underage child into the movie’s fan club.

For Halloween, Donald Faison—who plays Murray, the movie’s rough equivalent of Mr. Weston—posted an Instagram photo of his seven-year-old daughter, Wilder Frances, decked out in the red-white-and-black-plaid outfit and Dr. Seuss-style hat made famous by Stacey Dash as Murray’s girlfriend Dionne.

Since there is nothing more adorable than a small child in an iconic movie costume, Faison’s Insta followers were predictably delighted, posting their favorite Clueless quotes ("Rollin' with the homies") in between squees of joy and appreciative emojis.

I’m not sure what little Wilder is going to think about all this in another seven years, when her school frenemies excavate photos of her 2022 Halloween costume and incorporate them into creative new forms of middle-school torture. Or maybe Hollywood babies are cool with that kind of thing. Either way, the rest of us can savor the Proustian Clueless madeleine that is a black-and-white-plaid miniskirt and a pair of knee socks.

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