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Bringing up the rear

Six months ago, author and scholar Sarah Emsley launched a blog series dedicated to the two Austen novels marking their bicentenary this year: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, published by Austen’s family a few months after her untimely death in July 1817. *

This project was Sarah’s follow-up to blog series she curated on Mansfield Park and Emma, as well as a shorter series she wrote herself on Pride and Prejudice, to mark the bicentenaries of those three books. (Unfortunately, she didn’t get into the game until after the Sense and Sensibility anniversary, but perhaps she can come up with an excuse for doing that novel later on.)

The latest series, “Youth and Experience: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion,” has featured fascinating contributions from more than thirty Janeites, some academic and some not, on everything from Anne Elliot’s travels to General Tilney’s housekeeping. I’m delighted to bring up the rear: my series-concluding post on Captain Wentworth’s immortal letter will run tomorrow.

Please stop by to read and comment!

* Confused about how books published in 1817 could celebrate their two hundredth birthdays in 2018? I explained here.


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