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Emma as imaginist

Emma marked its publication bicentennial in December, and celebrations are still underway across the Janeite world. I’m happy to announce my participation in one of those celebrations: tomorrow, the author and blogger Sarah Emsley will publish my contribution to her series of guest posts on the novel, “Emma in the Snow.” Sarah’s bloggers -- novelists, academics, a gynecologist, a food stylist, an Episcopal priest -- are a fair sample of Janeite diversity, and they have covered a suitably diverse array of fascinating Emma-related topics, from strawberries and friendship to suburbia and gypsies. My post, the twenty-third in the series, discusses Emma as an “imaginist” – and, perhaps, as a writer manqué. Drop by and leave a comment!


Mar 14 2016 10:43AM by Sarah Emsley

Your post has certainly prompted a great deal of discussion! Thanks very much for celebrating these anniversaries with me, Deborah. It was great to have your contribution to "An Invitation to Mansfield Park" and I'm delighted that you wrote for the Emma series as well.

Mar 14 2016 12:24PM by Deborah Yaffe

Thanks for giving me the chance to participate, Sarah -- the series has been a great success.


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