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Supper time

Toronto, it seems, is a really great place to be a Janeite. Last year, the local Jane Austen re-enactment community -- as best I can tell, a collaboration between JaneAustenDancing and the York Regency Society -- hosted an all-day gala celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the BBC’s much-loved 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. (Let us pause for a moment to remark upon how cool it must be to live in a place where you can use the phrase “local Jane Austen re-enactment community.”) This Saturday, the same community is hosting a Jane Austen Midwinter Supper, featuring “a thoroughly researched, beautifully presented and delicious meal reconstructed from Georgian-era recipes.” Dishes include cold poached salmon, fried onions and mince pies. I can’t vouch for the research, but – yum. Not surprisingly, the event is already sold out, even at a not-inconsiderable $55 per person. So no need to move to Toronto this week. But it’s something to keep in mind.


Feb 25 2016 04:20PM by Karen Millyard

Deborah, many thanks for mentioning our event! The research is indeed impeccable, and $55 is inclusive (and in Canadian dollars, so about $38 US at current exchange rates. We do suppers every couple of months, and of course the Toronto Jane Austen Festival is coming up in April! We'll have two historical breakfasts and two suppers for that. We hope you can join us sometime! Karen

Feb 25 2016 04:39PM by Deborah Yaffe

Ooh, such fun! I hope I'll get there one of these days. . .


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