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2021 Blog Archives


December (9)
Ending on a high note
Stocking stuffers
Austen women
Many happy returns
Never heard of him
Crunch time
On this day in 1814. . .
Jane and the feathered friend

November (9)
The long-awaited Longbourn?
On this day in 1798. . . 
Talking about "talking"
Another mansion for sale
Crossed wires

Austen and Asia
Time travel
While you were sleeping. . .
October (8)
Selling Scarlets, again
Failure to persuade
On this day in 1815. . . 
Listening in on Chawton House
Dancing with Willoughby
Not In Jane's Backyard

September (9)
Autumn footsteps
The opposite of speed reading
Timeless heroine
Pricey, and priceless
On this day in 1813. . . 
Austens with a pedigree
Balls in the air
Required reading
Forever Cher

August (9)
Quill and paper
On this day in 1814. . .
Raising Jane(ites)
Silt and sensibility
Deck the halls
Project Austen Runway
Another side of Austen
July (9)
Even more persuadable
Haters will hate
Persuasion everywhere
A Janeite passes on
On fire
The dating game
A poet of the ordinary
Back in the screening room
On this day in 1808. . .

June (8)
On location
Sanditon, the convention
As if, again
In the green room
On this day in 1814. . . 
Party like. . . 
Vanity plate
Road trip
May (9)
On this day in 1811 . . . 
Austen-linked fixer-upper
Reboot, booted
Clueless no more
One hundred candles
Data storage, the Jane Austen way
Be careful what you wish for
Interrogating an interrogation
Fifty Shades of Anne
April (9)
Virtual Austenland
Upstairs, downstairs
Costume drama
Mr. Wickham, live
Cross-channel connections
Strange brew
All the Janes
Austenian medical mystery
On this day in 1816. . .

March (9)
Happy birthday indeed
Mars and Venus
Small world
Jane Austen wrote here?
Sanditon fans build a second season
Old issues, new questions
Janeites from eight to eighty-eight
More name-dropping

February (8)
Jane Austen in the age of Zoom
Three weeks, three books (or is it four?)
Staying safe
The Emma Trap
On this day in 1801. . .
Among the greats
Hear this
The perfect happiness of the union

January (8)
Coming attractions?
A Janeite goes home
Game over

On this day in 1796. . .
A song in our hearts
Recovering a literary Holy Grail
On the road with Jane Austen

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