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2023 Blog Archives


December (8)
On this day in 1808. . . 
Digging in
The sounds of Jane Austen Christmas
Bronzing Jane, again
Girly stuff
Marked up

Flipping Austenian pancakes


November (9)
Second chances
Short and sweet
Rebooting Clueless: The Musical

Jane Austen universe(s), Part II

Janeite abroad
Decompressing with Jane

Correspondence course


October (10)
It's that time again
If the shoe fits. . . 
In the mind's eye
Irritating pet-peeve annoyance
On this day in 1808. . .
Bowled over
Interview of a lifetime?
Jane Austen speaks. . . sort of
Not so young

Treasure chest

September (8)
Avatar seeks agent
Dress-up for grownups
Austen's not-so-secret London

On this day in 1796. . . 
Updating the syllabus
Tok prize
Icing on the cake

Victory lap


August (9)
Calling all bookish cosplayers
Austen the agreeable
Sourcing and citation
Coveted rarities

Testing, testing

Janeite madeleine
P&P Barbie


July (9)
Jane Austen universe(s)

Summer fun

On this day in 1806. . .
Semi-native daughter
(Un)happy childhoods

Dear diary
P&P down on the farm


June (9)
Misaligned stars
On this day in 1808. . . 

Text and subtext
Using up the leftovers
Writer's writer
Edward Knight, publican?

Eliza's harp
Cracking Easter eggs

Death of an unabashed Janeite

May (8)

On this day in 1811. . .

How P&P came to be

Listening pleasure
Being Mr. Wickham, again

Trouble at Lyme

Ubiquitous Austen

Our robot overlords read Jane Austen
The unwritten manuscript

April (8)

Austen in the dreamscape

False advertising?

On this day in 1811. . .
Jeopardy and peril at Chawton House
Installing Austen
A controversial rarity


Star attraction

March (9)
Walk the line
Down Under Austen
Listening ears

Bait and switch?

Back to the beach

On this day in 1816. . .
The scientific method

Writing women

Phone books


February (8)

Matilda's reading list

Heavenly visions

Recommended reading

Speaking well enough to be unintelligible


The Cher Manifesto
Hey, cupcake

A decade on

January (9)

Tom Lefroy, commitment-phobe?

Jane Austen, matchmaker

Pride & Prejudice & Real Estate

Jane Austen's desk, online

Another Janeite goodbye

Alumni reunions

On this day in 1801. . .

A Janeite's Janeite passes on

Better luck this time?


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