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December (10)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: The Jane Austen Cookbook

Big eyes, bigger emotions

Jane Austen, citizen of the world

On this day in 1798. . .

I spoke too soon!

Golden Tickets on the loose

Miss Bates, vindicated

Jane's fundraising




November (8)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Marrying Mr. Darcy

Giving thanks

On this day in 1800. . .

Travels in translation

It's raining Austen

The bottom line

Lerner leaves Chawton House

Cooking with Jane


October (9)

Janeite trick-or-treating

On this day in 1798. . . 

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Jocelyn Harris

JASNA, Emma and D.C.

Curricular matters

Jane Austen, college recruiter

Austen tunes

JA and QE

Twisted Austen?


September (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Sarah Emsley

Augmented Janeite reality

Janeite demigod turns 80

Women's work, international edition


Destination BookBench

On this day in 1816. . . 

Austen fights again

Pemberley survives, for now


August (9)

Treasures of the Brits

Austen must-sees

Rosenbach reading group

Travels with Jane

Pemberley in peril

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Collins Hemingway

Austen sleuthing

Sharing scholarship

Six degrees of Austen


July (8)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Jane Juska

What the--?

The oast with the most

A Dear Jane letter

Austen on the Hill

Piece by piece

Worldwide Janeite partying

That Hamilton woman


June (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Jenny Uglow

Austen's simple old songs

On this day in 1814. . .

Kitten pictures. Need I say more?

Crafting time

More Austen networking

My old Kentucky scone

Austen in Bedlam

Who you callin' unpublished?


May (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Roy and Lesley Adkins

On this day in 1801. . .

Lining up for tickets

Touring Pemberley

Jane Austen: not a grammar nerd

Finishing the already finished

Eligible: Skyline chili and marshmallow fluff

Sanditon: Adapting Austen and Dobbs

Not quite Antiques Roadshow


April (8)

Austen stories on stage

On this day in 1811. . .

Two hundred candles for Charlotte

The Austen Catch-Up Project: John Halperin

Jane Austen Day in Philly

Talking Jane Austen fanfiction

Sanditon on screen

Janeite house-share


March (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Elizabeth Jenkins

The end of a dry spell?

Color to win

Lip gloss meets hamentashen

Setting Mansfield Park to music

Vintage Arnie

Emma as imaginist

Getting it wrong, again

On this day in 1814. . . 


February (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: As If!

Supper time

Window shopping

Charlotte's bargain

Wedding season

Party like it's 1995

Meme-ing of Jane

On this day in 1813. . . 

I is for Intervention


January (8)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Austentatious

Re-leash Mr. Darcy, please

Five, six -- who's counting?

Popcorn time for Janeites

It was (exactly) twenty years ago today. . .

A big anniversary, one year early

Now that's what I call book promotion

Kicking off the Austen Catch-Up Project

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