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January (3)

A song in our hearts

Recovering a literary Holy Grail

On the road with Jane Austen



December (9)

Goodbye at last, 2020

On this day in 1798. . .

New Year's present

No rom, no com

Eternal verities

Radical dish-drying, Austen style

Our cousins' street

Crashing at Henry's place

In lieu of a pear tree


November (9)

In the 'hood

Sauce for the goose

On this day in 1815. . .

Mother of controversy

Kaleidescopic Austen

Another chance at completion

Hold the hot chocolate

Good timing

Cat person


October (9)

Down Under Austen

Chawton cottage panorama

Pandemic project

Taking Pride

On this day in 1813. . . 

Even sandier

Window shopping

Deck the halls

Breaking news!


September (8)

Jane Austen in Bath, virtually


I scream, you scream. . .


On this day in 1804. . .

Beautiful books, glamorous provenance

Giving credit where credit is due

Zooming Mr. Darcy


August (9)

Mutton and rhubarb

New and/or improved


Who's in?

A Janeite recovers

Austen math


Mr. Darcy, harasser?

Masked and Austentatious


July (10)

Jane talks back


Cash for cream teas and champagne

Dining out

Reckoning with the past

Passing Go

Festival weekend

Happy birthday, JAS

The Watsons, reborn

Back to the gardens


June (9)

Sanditon reprieve?

Online Austen everywhere

The Jane Austen Guide to Quarantine

Lemonade in Louisville

Chawton cottage on the brink?

Tuning in to Chawton House

Being Bennet(t)

The Austen prescription

Jane Austen's new look


May (8)

On this day in 1817. . .

The great (virtual) outdoors

Listen up

Oh, to be in Paris

Literature in lockdown


On and off

Bummer :-(


April (9)

On this day in 1811. . .

Janeite SOS

To the manor born

From museum to house

Tuning in to P&P

More Austen for the quarantined

Replenishing the larder

Sisterhood is powerful

Keeping up with the Kambridges


March (9)


Jane in the time of coronavirus


Silver linings


Immortal, beloved

On this day in 1814. . .

Book nerds unite

Emma again


February (8)

Completist completes

Emma fashionista

On this day in 1817. . .

The big event

The price of perfection

Miss Austen disposes


New views at Chawton House


January (9)

Keeping up with the Janeites, Part II

Jane's car

On this day in 1817. . .

Midwinter diversion

Have another one


Meg, Jo, Elinor, Marianne

Excessively fond of a cottage

Eighty years on



December (9)

Model city

On this day in 1798. .

Janeite dream job par excellence

Still missing

Sanditon farewell?

What would Jane Austen say?


Jane Austen's side hustle

Man and snowmen


November (8)

Family dinner

Sneak previews

Happy Christmas to all!

On this day in 1798. . .

Hands off!

Riding high

The sound of (Austen) music

Strange bedfellows


October (9)

Lydia the leopard


On this day in 1808. . .

Going, going. . .

Christmas mystery solved!

Second bananas

Liar, liar

Yet more on-screen Austen

Forty years and counting


September (9)

Keeping up with the Janeites

Janeite on the Potomac, Part II

A Jane Austen Christmas mystery

By the seaside

Pictures at an exhibition

Among the Janeites, via First Impressions

On this day in 1814. . .

Hunting for Easter eggs

A Janeite in STEM


August (10)

Free stuff!

Color-coordinated Austen

Seaside publicity

Janeite on the Potomac?


Austen's pewter

Popping the question

Water, water everywhere

Apologies to neglected commenters

Greatest Hits, Part II


July (9)

Greatest Hits, Part I

Still reading

Chawton cottage at seventy

Subcontinental Austen

On this day in 1816. . .

Beach reading

Oh, those clothes. . .

Free to be. . .

Too darn hot


June (8)

Fragments of news, news about fragments

A letter to Anna

On this day in 1808. . .


Travelin' on


Christmas at Pemberley?

Starring Mrs. Bennet


May (9)

Weird Austen

On this day in 1817. . .

Eye candy

Mistakes, misquotes, misunderstandings:

   The Austen Internet at work

Attic treasures

Busting Austen myths

Women in blue

Keeping up with the Jameses

Talking with Britain's most-photographed man


April (9)

Atlanta, here we come!

Jane the dragon?

Back in Winchester. . .

Julian Assange, Janeite?

Speedy delivery

On this day in 1805. . .

Jane Austen's first critic

Statues, statues everywhere

CliffsNotes for kiddies


March (8)

Promising news about Emma

On this day in 1817. . .

Jane Austen Purim

Eternally Mr. Darcy

Life imitates Northanger Abbey

Elizabeth Beeblebrox, anyone?

Getting it wrong

Another bicentenary girl


February (8)

Enough already


Sanditon's Sidney

What's your name again?

The dating game

Pop v. popular

Sanditon inches closer to the small screen

Jane Austen meets The Breakfast Club


January (9)

A house in Austen country

The mysterious Rice portrait, again

On this day in 1817. . .

Printer error

Family album

Penguin of destiny

A tourist in Bath

Kids in America

Party like it's 2019



December (9)



'Twas the night before Christmas. . .

An embarrassment of Austen statues

On this day in 1816. . .

Desperately seeking romance in Jane Austen

P&P: Multicultural

Live like Jane

Austen connections


November (9)

On this day in 1812. . .

Mistletoe, yes; pride and prejudice, no

Saint Charlotte

A really accomplished young computer

Missing pieces

Can't *huff* keep up *puff*


Emma, Emma everywhere

Never too much Jane


October (9)

Janeite Christmas at Hallmark

Mockingbird in a landslide

In Edward's library

The envelope, please. . .

From PhD to CEO

On this day in 1813. . .

Unfinished business

Emma, live and on film



September (8)

The best company

On this day in 1813. . .


Not very Jane Austen at all


Naked(ish) in Bath

Jane Austen in Hampstead

Still trending


August (9)

P&P on the block

Retracing Louisa's steps

On this day in 1796. . .

Collecting the uncollected

Death of an anti-Janeite

Lucky thirteen?

Fascinating Philadelphia

Death of an Austen descendant

International (mis)understanding


July (9)


On this day in 1809. . .

The price of Austen tourism

Tiara time again

Austen karaoke

Davies does Sanditon

Remembering feminist history

What's in a name?



June (8)

Bringing up the rear

Graphing the plot

A statue for Chawton

Ready for its closeups

Still missing

On this day in 1799. . .

Inspiring Janeite PR

Another dog


May (9)

Excellent women novelists

Proust questionnaire for a Janeite

On this day in 1813. . .

Time for a mental health day

Austenland for real?

The beautiful grounds at Pemberley

The Darwinian Austen

P&P for foodies

Judge Jane


April (9)

Janet knows Jane

Playing for keeps

Janeites, Janeites everywhere

Jane the MOOC-er

Emma, the (latest) musical

Jane Austen: Leading girls astray since 1811?

Gateway to Austen's education

On this day in 1809. . .

Down on Up Lit


March (9)

A pen dipped in vitriol

Unveiling the Jane Austen quilts

No JAFF for this famous Janeite

Write like Jane Austen

The Watsons on stage

Off the leash again

On this day in 1814. . .

Women writers, popping up

Washing up


February (8)

P&P on ice

Angst in Adlestrop

Jane Austen tidbits

Janeite in residence

Jane Austen in the age of the selfie

The fifth-grade Jane Austen

Rebranding Chawton House

More reasons to visit Chawton


January (9)

On this day in 1813. . .

Jane Austen, romance novels, and a chihuahua

Onion Story Pleases Discerning Janeite Reader

Minting money from the Austen tenner

Here we go again. . .

Mr. Darcy, eating out of your hand

Patching together Austen's life

Austen quizzing

Worldwide Jane in 2018



December (8)

Shades of Pemberley

Christmas tranquility and tedium at Mansfield Park

Christmas comes early for Janeites

Jane Austen, flyin' high

Another Austen anniversary

On this day in 1815. . .

Golden fiver on the block

Good news (at last!) for Chawton House


November (9)

Provender, Austen and the tsar

Wanted: Lettuce

Pie and prejudice

On this day in 1814. . .

Austen in Austenistan

Cataloging the garden

Book talk in Manalapan

Surveying the landscape

Another stop on the JaneTour


October (9)

On this day in 1815. . .

Herding sheep

Jane Austen passes Go

The wild and wanton Jane Austen

Men who won't take no for an answer

P&P game-playing

Serial-number currency

Teatime in Hampshire

SOS for Chawton's horses


September (8)

Bye-bye to benches

On this day in 1813. . .

The factory at work

Chawton Kremlinology

At last: The Austen tenner

Portable Pemberley

Goodbye to Chawton's horses

Haute couture juvenilia


August (9)

The day is come

A bit of a quiz

Benefits for Basingstoke

The bicentenary lives on

More Austen therapy

Remaking an icon

Puppies and prejudice

Another option for Janeite game night

Complaining with Jane


July (11)



Jane Austen lives!

The Austen ice bucket challenge

Six books

And also this. . .

Such art as hers

Better late than never

All the famous ladies

Austen laurels

On this day in 1813. . .


June (9)

Celebrity opinions

Coins and benches

Scarlets fever

Darcy in D.C.

On this day in 1808. . .

A goodbye

Brokeback Pemberley

Déjà vu all over again

A rose is a rose


May (9)

Holiday break in Austen country

Longbourn for sale

On this day in 1817. . .

Tragic forty-one

Sometimes folly is folly

Stealing Home?

Book covers

Jane Austen meets Texas debs

Jane lies in Winchester


April (8)

Refighting the winning battle

Debuting the Austen tenner

A fiver to Bath

Bicentenary envy

Signing for Jane

Austen in toe shoes

On this day in 1817. . .

Tending the Austen flame


March (9)

Jane meets Agatha

Jane Austen, trumped

Weaving Austen-fabric

Austen comic books 2.0

Austen's eyes

On this day in 1817. . .

On the trail of great writers

Austen en français

Floor-to-ceiling Austen


February (8)

Context is everything

And another one bites the dust

Distinguishing marks

More pictures of Fanny

Dweeby Darcy

On this day in 1807. . . 

Money money money

Pictures of Fanny


January (9)

Ready for our closeup

Rabbie and Jane

Bronzing Austen

Austen by ear

Light a candle for Jane

Jane Austen, citizen of the world (Part II)

On this day in 1796. . .

Two down. . .

A whirlwind new year for Janeites



December (10)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: The Jane Austen Cookbook

Big eyes, bigger emotions

Jane Austen, citizen of the world

On this day in 1798. . .

I spoke too soon!

Golden Tickets on the loose

Miss Bates, vindicated

Jane's fundraising




November (8)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Marrying Mr. Darcy

Giving thanks

On this day in 1800. . .

Travels in translation

It's raining Austen

The bottom line

Lerner leaves Chawton House

Cooking with Jane


October (9)

Janeite trick-or-treating

On this day in 1798. . . 

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Jocelyn Harris

JASNA, Emma and D.C.

Curricular matters

Jane Austen, college recruiter

Austen tunes

JA and QE

Twisted Austen?


September (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Sarah Emsley

Augmented Janeite reality

Janeite demigod turns 80

Women's work, international edition


Destination BookBench

On this day in 1816. . . 

Austen fights again

Pemberley survives, for now


August (9)

Treasures of the Brits

Austen must-sees

Rosenbach reading group

Travels with Jane

Pemberley in peril

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Collins Hemingway

Austen sleuthing

Sharing scholarship

Six degrees of Austen


July (8)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Jane Juska

What the--?

The oast with the most

A Dear Jane letter

Austen on the Hill

Piece by piece

Worldwide Janeite partying

That Hamilton woman


June (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Jenny Uglow

Austen's simple old songs

On this day in 1814. . .

Kitten pictures. Need I say more?

Crafting time

More Austen networking

My old Kentucky scone

Austen in Bedlam

Who you callin' unpublished?


May (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Roy and Lesley Adkins

On this day in 1801. . .

Lining up for tickets

Touring Pemberley

Jane Austen: not a grammar nerd

Finishing the already finished

Eligible: Skyline chili and marshmallow fluff

Sanditon: Adapting Austen and Dobbs

Not quite Antiques Roadshow


April (8)

Austen stories on stage

On this day in 1811. . .

Two hundred candles for Charlotte

The Austen Catch-Up Project: John Halperin

Jane Austen Day in Philly

Talking Jane Austen fanfiction

Sanditon on screen

Janeite house-share


March (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Elizabeth Jenkins

The end of a dry spell?

Color to win

Lip gloss meets hamentashen

Setting Mansfield Park to music

Vintage Arnie

Emma as imaginist

Getting it wrong, again

On this day in 1814. . . 


February (9)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: As If!

Supper time

Window shopping

Charlotte's bargain

Wedding season

Party like it's 1995

Meme-ing of Jane

On this day in 1813. . . 

I is for Intervention


January (8)

The Austen Catch-Up Project: Austentatious

Re-leash Mr. Darcy, please

Five, six -- who's counting?

Popcorn time for Janeites

It was (exactly) twenty years ago today. . .

A big anniversary, one year early

Now that's what I call book promotion

Kicking off the Austen Catch-Up Project



December (9)

Ring in 2016 with Emma

The multi-faceted Mr. Woodhouse

The worst Christmas ever?

Happy birthday to Emma

Jane Austen's new career

Regency improv

The twelve-word Austen

Short or long, but not by Austen

Austen's living room


November (9)

On this day in 1814. . .

Pass the potatoes

A very (expensive) Jane Austen Christmas

Voting Austen onto the island


Palatial fixer-upper sells at last

How dare you?

Walking Austen country

Famous non-friend likes Austen


October (9)

Jane-o'-lantern time

Keepin' it classy

James on Jane

Intro to Austen

Hint, hint

Guess who?

Jane Austen in the age of the hookup

Fun! Inspirational! But not Jane Austen!

Quenching that insatiable desire


September (8)

On this day in 1814. . .

Electing Lydia

Janeite retirement

Among the Janeites at the Eudora Welty Library

Teaching teens to love Austen

Books to flee by

That romantic lead-poisoning look

Jane Austen inside the lines


August (9)

The women we love (or love to hate)

Austen after After

On this day in 1805. . .

That sinking feeling

Austen tops another list

The improvement of the estate

Miss Price goes to Washington

Jane Austen, now with tabs



July (9)

Malice and malware

When my ship comes in

Gone fishin'

May Jane be with you

It was 20 years ago today (almost). . . 

Recapturing Austen's physicality

On this day in 1816. . .

Good news about P&P&Z?

Online Austen and our Internet selves


June (9)

Dishing with BuJA

Jane Austen (dis)content

Jane Austen slept here

Celebrating Austen in Chawton

Books as mirrors

Book talk in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Austen, ambition and Emsley

All in the family

The Jane Austen diet plan


May (8)

Kissing in Jane Austen! Oh, my!

If your Mr. Right is Mr. Darcy

On this day in 1801. . .

Dollies for Janeites

Jane Austen meets Spinal Tap

What's in a name?

Mr. Darcy's six-pack

Cassandra's grief


April (9)

Mr. Darcy revealed! (Or not)

On this day in 1817. . . 

Say a little prayer for me

Take a letter, Ms. Austen

The Austen Fiasco?

Austen at your fingertips

Go west, young Janeite

Calling all Austen nerds

A date with the zombies


March (9)

Cliffside paradise

On this day in 1817. . .

Pink covers, blue covers

Love letters and babies in bonnets

Smells Like Jane Spirit

Mr. Darcy, slave trader?

German Janeites at play

Teen Jane

Winnie, Lizzy and Camilla


February (8)

My suspicious mind. . . 

Fifty-One Shades of Jane

Unexpected Janeite

On this day in 1813. . . 

Fifty Shades of Jane?

Department of weird

Whit tries Jane

Not as happy as I deserve


January (9)

A promising cache

Austen animals

On this day in 1805. . .

Austen-era keyboarding

Unbelievable Austen truths

Meet the Janeites

Undead at last

Janeite on YouTube

A Jane Austen year



December (9)

See under "J"

A Jane Austen Christmas

It's in the cards

You really shouldn't have

Another Jane Austen Day

The not-so-unseen letter

James on Jane

On the first day of Mr. Darcy. . .

Quirk's list


November (8)

Gobble, gobble

Jane Austen over tea

Austen first impressions

Nice or naff? You decide

Pemberley for sale

Darcy the one-tenth-of-one-percenter

One man's fandom. . .

Janeite fun with technology


October (9)

Trekkies in bonnets

Oh, those dear little women

Death comes to PBS

Must stop can't stop

Editing for Austen geeks

What I heard at the AGM

Montreal ahoy!

Austen in profile

Among the Janeites in "The Author's Corner"


September (9)

Austen schooling

Games Janeites play

Clone me, please

Pemberley downsizes

Jane votes yes

Another brick in the wall

Another Jane Austen sighting

In it for the money

Win a signed copy of Among the Janeites


August (8)

Bright college years

Pet Jane Austen Peeve #83:

  Movie Quotes Aren't Book Quotes

Announcing blog archives

Wearable books

Manga Lizzy

Jane Austen and babies: not so perfect together

In charge at the cottage

Happy first birthday to Among the Janeites


July (9)

Awesome mom, possibly a Janeite

Another Jane Austen movie?


Austen tops another list

The sun of our lives

Waxing Jane

My share in the conversation

The scandalous playwright of Mansfield

Strange business, indeed


June (9)

Jane Austen, imagined friend

Miss Manners, Janeite

Late arrival at the Janeite party

The Adventure of the Fading Copyright 

Ready for Lizzy?

Highlighting the highlighted

The complete Hubback, at last

Comma-counting across the centuries

Looking for love Down Under


May (9)

JA makes the cut

I’ll have what she’s having

Aux armes, citoyens!

Secret drinking with Jane Austen

Underwater Austen

Meet me at the corner of Austen and Bronte

Pop the champagne corks for Mansfield Park’s 200th

Belle arrives



April (8)

Janeite heaven

Better late than never

Sleep under Jane Austen’s roof

Wearing Jane

Pet Jane Austen Peeve #37: Quoting Out of Context

Win big by reading Jane Austen

Life among the ruins

How to write like Austen


March (9)

Austen on the (Indian) small screen

It’s probably better in the original

P&P & quilts

Darcy in Lilliput

Timeless (and international) Austen

Another Janeite dream job

Janeites and Disney fans

Book talk in Cherry Hill, NJ

Postscript to “The Watsons in Winter”: Bless the Midwest!


February (8)

Goofy Austen News; or, Any Link to Jane Will Do 

Martin Amis: Saved by Jane Austen

Vicariously visiting Jane Austen’s England

Next book talk: Princeton, NJ

Wrapping up The Watsons in Winter

The Watsons in Winter: Jennifer Ready Bettiol

The Watsons in Winter: Eucharista Ward

The Watsons in Winter: Helen Baker


January (9)

The Watsons in Winter: Merryn Williams

The Watsons in Winter: Joan Aiken

The Watsons in Winter: David Hopkinson (“Another”)

The Watsons in Winter: John Coates

The Watsons in Winter: Edith Hubback Brown

The Watsons in Winter: L. Oulton

The Watsons in Winter: Catherine Hubback

The Watsons in Winter

It’s that time of year again


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