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December (9)

Ring in 2016 with Emma

The multi-faceted Mr. Woodhouse

The worst Christmas ever?

Happy birthday to Emma

Jane Austen's new career

Regency improv

The twelve-word Austen

Short or long, but not by Austen

Austen's living room


November (9)

On this day in 1814. . .

Pass the potatoes

A very (expensive) Jane Austen Christmas

Voting Austen onto the island


Palatial fixer-upper sells at last

How dare you?

Walking Austen country

Famous non-friend likes Austen


October (9)

Jane-o'-lantern time

Keepin' it classy

James on Jane

Intro to Austen

Hint, hint

Guess who?

Jane Austen in the age of the hookup

Fun! Inspirational! But not Jane Austen!

Quenching that insatiable desire


September (8)

On this day in 1814. . .

Electing Lydia

Janeite retirement

Among the Janeites at the Eudora Welty Library

Teaching teens to love Austen

Books to flee by

That romantic lead-poisoning look

Jane Austen inside the lines


August (9)

The women we love (or love to hate)

Austen after After

On this day in 1805. . .

That sinking feeling

Austen tops another list

The improvement of the estate

Miss Price goes to Washington

Jane Austen, now with tabs



July (9)

Malice and malware

When my ship comes in

Gone fishin'

May Jane be with you

It was 20 years ago today (almost). . . 

Recapturing Austen's physicality

On this day in 1816. . .

Good news about P&P&Z?

Online Austen and our Internet selves


June (9)

Dishing with BuJA

Jane Austen (dis)content

Jane Austen slept here

Celebrating Austen in Chawton

Books as mirrors

Book talk in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Austen, ambition and Emsley

All in the family

The Jane Austen diet plan


May (8)

Kissing in Jane Austen! Oh, my!

If your Mr. Right is Mr. Darcy

On this day in 1801. . .

Dollies for Janeites

Jane Austen meets Spinal Tap

What's in a name?

Mr. Darcy's six-pack

Cassandra's grief


April (9)

Mr. Darcy revealed! (Or not)

On this day in 1817. . . 

Say a little prayer for me

Take a letter, Ms. Austen

The Austen Fiasco?

Austen at your fingertips

Go west, young Janeite

Calling all Austen nerds

A date with the zombies


March (9)

Cliffside paradise

On this day in 1817. . .

Pink covers, blue covers

Love letters and babies in bonnets

Smells Like Jane Spirit

Mr. Darcy, slave trader?

German Janeites at play

Teen Jane

Winnie, Lizzy and Camilla


February (8)

My suspicious mind. . . 

Fifty-One Shades of Jane

Unexpected Janeite

On this day in 1813. . . 

Fifty Shades of Jane?

Department of weird

Whit tries Jane

Not as happy as I deserve


January (9)

A promising cache

Austen animals

On this day in 1805. . .

Austen-era keyboarding

Unbelievable Austen truths

Meet the Janeites

Undead at last

Janeite on YouTube

A Jane Austen year

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