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December (9)

Goodbye at last, 2020

On this day in 1798. . .

New Year's present

No rom, no com

Eternal verities

Radical dish-drying, Austen style

Our cousins' street

Crashing at Henry's place

In lieu of a pear tree


November (9)

In the 'hood

Sauce for the goose

On this day in 1815. . .

Mother of controversy

Kaleidescopic Austen

Another chance at completion

Hold the hot chocolate

Good timing

Cat person


October (9)

Down Under Austen

Chawton cottage panorama

Pandemic project

Taking Pride

On this day in 1813. . . 

Even sandier

Window shopping

Deck the halls

Breaking news!


September (8)

Jane Austen in Bath, virtually


I scream, you scream. . .


On this day in 1804. . .

Beautiful books, glamorous provenance

Giving credit where credit is due

Zooming Mr. Darcy


August (9)

Mutton and rhubarb

New and/or improved


Who's in?

A Janeite recovers

Austen math


Mr. Darcy, harasser?

Masked and Austentatious


July (10)

Jane talks back


Cash for cream teas and champagne

Dining out

Reckoning with the past

Passing Go

Festival weekend

Happy birthday, JAS

The Watsons, reborn

Back to the gardens


June (9)

Sanditon reprieve?

Online Austen everywhere

The Jane Austen Guide to Quarantine

Lemonade in Louisville

Chawton cottage on the brink?

Tuning in to Chawton House

Being Bennet(t)

The Austen prescription

Jane Austen's new look


May (8)

On this day in 1817. . .

The great (virtual) outdoors

Listen up

Oh, to be in Paris

Literature in lockdown


On and off

Bummer :-(


April (9)

On this day in 1811. . .

Janeite SOS

To the manor born

From museum to house

Tuning in to P&P

More Austen for the quarantined

Replenishing the larder

Sisterhood is powerful

Keeping up with the Kambridges


March (9)


Jane in the time of coronavirus


Silver linings


Immortal, beloved

On this day in 1814. . .

Book nerds unite

Emma again


February (8)

Completist completes

Emma fashionista

On this day in 1817. . .

The big event

The price of perfection

Miss Austen disposes


New views at Chawton House


January (9)

Keeping up with the Janeites, Part II

Jane's car

On this day in 1817. . .

Midwinter diversion

Have another one


Meg, Jo, Elinor, Marianne

Excessively fond of a cottage

Eighty years on

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