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December (9)

See under "J"

A Jane Austen Christmas

It's in the cards

You really shouldn't have

Another Jane Austen Day

The not-so-unseen letter

James on Jane

On the first day of Mr. Darcy. . .

Quirk's list


November (8)

Gobble, gobble

Jane Austen over tea

Austen first impressions

Nice or naff? You decide

Pemberley for sale

Darcy the one-tenth-of-one-percenter

One man's fandom. . .

Janeite fun with technology


October (9)

Trekkies in bonnets

Oh, those dear little women

Death comes to PBS

Must stop can't stop

Editing for Austen geeks

What I heard at the AGM

Montreal ahoy!

Austen in profile

Among the Janeites in "The Author's Corner"


September (9)

Austen schooling

Games Janeites play

Clone me, please

Pemberley downsizes

Jane votes yes

Another brick in the wall

Another Jane Austen sighting

In it for the money

Win a signed copy of Among the Janeites


August (8)

Bright college years

Pet Jane Austen Peeve #83:

  Movie Quotes Aren't Book Quotes

Announcing blog archives

Wearable books

Manga Lizzy

Jane Austen and babies: not so perfect together

In charge at the cottage

Happy first birthday to Among the Janeites


July (9)

Awesome mom, possibly a Janeite

Another Jane Austen movie?


Austen tops another list

The sun of our lives

Waxing Jane

My share in the conversation

The scandalous playwright of Mansfield

Strange business, indeed


June (9)

Jane Austen, imagined friend

Miss Manners, Janeite

Late arrival at the Janeite party

The Adventure of the Fading Copyright 

Ready for Lizzy?

Highlighting the highlighted

The complete Hubback, at last

Comma-counting across the centuries

Looking for love Down Under


May (9)

JA makes the cut

I’ll have what she’s having

Aux armes, citoyens!

Secret drinking with Jane Austen

Underwater Austen

Meet me at the corner of Austen and Brontë

Pop the champagne corks for Mansfield Park’s 200th

Belle arrives



April (8)

Janeite heaven

Better late than never

Sleep under Jane Austen’s roof

Wearing Jane

Pet Jane Austen Peeve #37: Quoting Out of Context

Win big by reading Jane Austen

Life among the ruins

How to write like Austen


March (9)

Austen on the (Indian) small screen

It’s probably better in the original

P&P & quilts

Darcy in Lilliput

Timeless (and international) Austen

Another Janeite dream job

Janeites and Disney fans

Book talk in Cherry Hill, NJ

Postscript to “The Watsons in Winter”: Bless the Midwest!


February (8)

Goofy Austen News; or, Any Link to Jane Will Do 

Martin Amis: Saved by Jane Austen

Vicariously visiting Jane Austen’s England

Next book talk: Princeton, NJ

Wrapping up The Watsons in Winter

The Watsons in Winter: Jennifer Ready Bettiol

The Watsons in Winter: Eucharista Ward

The Watsons in Winter: Helen Baker

January (9)

The Watsons in Winter: Merryn Williams

The Watsons in Winter: Joan Aiken

The Watsons in Winter: David Hopkinson (“Another”)

The Watsons in Winter: John Coates

The Watsons in Winter: Edith Hubback Brown

The Watsons in Winter: L. Oulton

The Watsons in Winter: Catherine Hubback

The Watsons in Winter

It’s that time of year again

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